Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my NDIS covers Chiropractic?
Most NDIS participants are covered for Chiropractic care as part of their NDIS plan under Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Activity). If you are Plan Managed (Moira, My Plan Manager, Plan Partners, Leap In etc) or Self-Managed you get to choose which allied health services you can use and Chiropractic is covered. NDIA-Managed participants are restricted in which services they can use, we recommend switching to plan managed for greater flexibility with your plan.

Who should receive Chiropractic care?
Chiropractic is best known for the treatment of neck pain, back pain and muscular tension. Chiropractors are doctors, and therefore are able to assess and diagnose conditions or faults you have in your spine or limbs and then help you create a plan to reach your goals.

Are you open during COVID-19 lockdown?

What disabilities do your Chiropractors have experience with?*
– Non-verbal
– Autism
– Cerebral Palsy
– Mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD)
– Developmental delay
– Epilepsy/seizures
– Quadriparesis
– Wheelchair users/ Astasis (Inability to walk)
– Amputees
* It is important to note that Chiropractors cannot cure/treat these conditions.

What will your Chiropractors help me with?
Chiropractors will ask you about any complaints and goals you have and then create a plan to reach your goals! Your goals may be pain relief, postural improvement, strength gain, improving wellness, being able to play with your children/grandchildren or general spinal health care. Whatever your goals a Chiropractor can assess you and create a plan for how you and your NDIS funding can achieve those goals.

What treatments do Chiropractors do?
Chiropractors are proficient at soft tissue massage therapy, trigger point/knot release, using massage tools, Activator low force adjusting, Diversified technique, Gonstead technique, SOT (Sacral Occiput Technique), Thompson technique, mobilisation, exercise prescription and manual adjusting techniques.

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