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Website Only Offer: Free 10-minute phone call with Chiropractor. Call or SMS: 0447310259 to organise a time.

NDIS Chiropractic and Professional Healthcare

Qualified Chiropractic doctors ready and waiting to serve National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our professionals travel to houses of patients to provide health services.

Make a time today to get a comprehensive examination and treatment all in one visit. Have a report written for use in future NDIS plan review meetings so participants can get the funding they need from the NDIS.

Portable Chiropractic Tables

Our Home Visit Mobile Services:

  • Ongoing friendly professional Chiropractic care/treatment that come prepared with tables and equipment right to your door
  • Professional NDIS report writing with recommendations from qualified health professional
  • X-ray and imaging referrals (MRI, Ultrasound, CT) if required
  • Referral to other specialty practitioners (Immunologist, surgeons, injections)
  • Organisation of health professional appointments with participants at times that suit you!
Dr Graeme World Renown General Purpose Massager https://www.drgraeme.com/

Contact Details:

Phone: 0447310259

Provider Number: 555699BA

Email: ndischiropractor@gmail.com